Founded in 2011, VariaPower is a mechanical engineering company specialized in the fields of mechanical transmissions and mechanical efficiency optimization. In addition with our engineering capacities, we have developed an innovative Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which exceeds all current standards in terms of efficiency and performances. Learn more We put our skills to the service of our customers for their projects, form the specifications to the prototype and series. Learn more   Our activities at VariaPower

Tailored mechanical variators

VariaPower can design, build prototype and produce mechanical variators to answer your specifications. Their commonality : they come from the Variapower’s patented breakthrough innovation and offer an incomparable level of performances and efficiency Learn more
CAO3 Mechanical engineering

VariaPower puts its engineering and innovations skills to help you find an optimal solution for your project. Let’s take time to study Learn more

Tests and measures

We have all the required equipment to measure efficiency and performances of rotational machines. We are equiped with a 200 Nm bench test comprising the latest technology of torque and speed sensors. We also have a 2 axis traction/compression column particularly adapted to tribologic measurement. Learn more