Variapower technology

VariaPower technology is a breakthrough innovation in the field of mechanical variators (CVT). The patented technology at the heart of the Variapower CVT self-adjust to the load without requiring energy, which gives our transmission several advantages:
  • Efficiency is over 98%, which is comparable with gears on all variation range,
  • Low variation energy :
  • Variation of the ratio only requires a few watts,
  • There is no energy consumed outside variation phases,
  • High torque capacity
  • Very high transmission precision with no wear.
We are able to perfectly adjust our technology to your sepcifications, from calculus to design, prototyping and series. Learn more and see our realisations (lien vers services)

Technical caracteristics

  • Efficiency > 98%
  • Variation range : 600%
  • Variation command : mechnical, hydrolic or electronic, manual or automated
  • power needed to vary the ratio : 0.5W
banc essai GM Variapower CVT on bench test


Electrical transportation


> Enhanced efficiency of the electric driveline (batteries, electronic converter and motor)  : 10% additional autonomy

Naturally Renewable energy

> Generator rpm maintained constant allowing to use standard synchronous generator : productivity improved by 8%, exclusion of rare hearth and frequency converter.


Industrial machines

industrie VariaPower efficiency is very high on the whole range of ratio and power allowing to reduce engine sizing and offering large power saving.


> Engine working at its best rpm while the CVT ensure a very high mechnical efficiency. Fuel saving exceeding 10%.