Mechanical variators (CVT) and tailored transmissions

VariaPower has a strong expertise in applying its variation technology, from calculus to on-site mounting including electronic command and lubrication system. Our sub-contractors network allows us to carry you from prototype to small series. From your specifications (power, torque, variation range, size, etc…), the transmission is calculated and designed to perfectly fit your needs. In addition with the CVT we can provide related functions such as differential, reverse gear, clutch, etc…) to deliver you a complete system perfectly tailored for your specifications.

Transmission VariaPower pour machine industrielle

Testing ressources

banc d'essai VariaPower

Our Bench test

Our bench test is equiped with the best technology of torque and speed sensors and allow us to test transmissions or other mechanical systems up to 5 kW.


banc d'essai partenaire

High power bench test

For high power applications (industrial machines, transport…), VariaPower works with a partner specialized in bench-testing


Variation control

Variation control can be mechanical, hydraulic or electronic and it can be manual or automated regarding to your specifications. We propose, in addition with our transmission, specific internal sensors and actuators and electronic controller allowing the CVT ratio to be finely adjusted or servo-controled.  

Mechanical engineering

Beyond VariaPower technology, we are also able to assist our customers in the field of mechanical engineering. Our capacities permit us to collaborate at every step of the project from calculus and CAD design to prototype and series including embedded electronic.  
  reducteur miniature

Realization exemple : miniature epicyclic reducer